Transgression in Frankenstein


Transgression in Frankenstein

One of the greatest types of transgression that applies to this novel is Victor's moral transgression, by rebelling against God. By creating his creature and using science to create life, Victor is actively going against what people at the time believed to be God's work. This relates to Shelley's use of intertextuality with Milton's Paradise Lost, whereby the creature refers to himself as Adam - "I ought to be thy Adam..." and likens Victor to a vengeful God.

Furthermore, the means in which Victor assembles the creature (grave robbing, more or less) links to societal transgression . Victor's actions also demonstrate a sense of scientific transgression - the fact that he uses science as the means to an immoral end. His transgressive personality also links to his excessive and extreme behaviour, which are other typical elements of a Gothic protagonist.

Also, throughout the novel Victor appears to neglect his family and his creature, which…


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