Transgender Operations

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What is a Transgender op?

Changing the physical self of a person (male-female or female-male) through surgery and drugs.

  • Expensive to have done
  • Legal and ethical problems after you have had it done.

Legally- you are the gender which your birth certificate says. Legal aspects leave transexuals in limbo e.g. assests and civil partners.

Describing: What Circumstances?

  • +Adult feels psychologically that they are trapped in the wrong body. Done for Psychological Purposes.
  • +Children with indetermainate sex e.g.g. hermaphroditism have it done. Biological Purpose.
  • + Biologically needed to prevent psychological problems e.g. David Riemer
  • +Operations done due to accidents (David Riemer) and trauma (micropenis)
  • Misassignment such as androgenital syndrome could be tested for before sex assignment to see if they have been misassigned for clear biological reasons rather than psychologically feeling misassigned.

Describing: Ethical Issues:

  • -Children cannot give confirmed consent but hard to raise a child neutrally until they


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