Trade unions and industrial unrest 1910-14 Ocr AS History Spec B

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Trade Unions and indswutrial unrest
  Increase in trade union membership between 1910-14 from 2.5 million to 4million
  This raise continued through and post war

Reasons for militancy
  Value of real wage falling - increasing cost of food and general living
  1910 fall in unemplyoyment - people willing to confront employyers
  Prices rose steeply 1911-12
  M/c & U/C positions improving whilstt L/C condition worsened - led to bitterness

Strikes 1910-13

1910 - S/W Coalfield
  Dispute over payment for miners working on difficult seams of coal
  Militanc on increas
  Mood of bitterness led to…


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