Trade and Globalisation

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The liking to trade initiated after World War 2 through the World Trade System. 

"The more trade, the better everyone are." 

"Making trade between nations easier."

Neo-Liberals policies for trade

  • Reduce barriers to trade - reduce / remove tarriffs (a tax on imports), rules and regulations that restrict trade and restrictions on capital flows. 
  • Reduce public spending on social services, welfare, health and education and encourage more private business activity.
  • Encourage TNC investment (create the consitions necessary to attract TNCs, e.g. set up an EPZ (export processing zone) - free rent, no/low taxes, no unions etc. 
  • Privatise public enterprises (this means sell off any govenment owned businesses and encourage private ownership).
  • Reduce any restrictions on private businesses i.e. taxes and…


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