TPR- Hinduism (Year 8)



Hinduism is the name of the religion, and its follwers are called Hindus. 

Hinduism is the oldest of the six major world religions. It has no single founder, but developed gradually over a period of time. There are over 1 billion Hindus worldwide, and about 95% of Hindus live in India. 

Key facts:

1. Beliefs- Hindus believe in Brahman, who is the one supreme spirit. Brahman is the energy of power that created the universe, and is present everywhere, and inside all living things. Hindus also believe in karma, which means that whatever they do whether good or bad has consequences. Hindus believe that Brahman can be worshipped in lots of different forms, which they call Murti or Deity. 

2. Worship- Hindus believe that they can worship in the Mandir, which


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