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  • Name of the buddha: Sidhartha Gautama
  • Birn in Nepal about 2,500 yrs ago
  • He was a prince

8 wise men said to to his dad that he would be a good world leader if he didn't sea pain or suffering, but if he saw pain or suffering he would become a religious leader. So his dad the king at the time made sure he never went outside the palace to see pain or suffereing. One day he asked a slave to take him outside the palace in a cart. When he did this he saw an old man, sick man and a dead person

  • old man:everyone gets old
  • sick man:everyone gets sick
  • dead man: every has to die

Sidhartha reacted by being in a panick as decided to become whatever the first thing he saw was. The first thing he saw was an asetic monk, so he became on. He did that and went around the world with them putting himself in pain, but it didnt work so he gave up and walked a came across a giant tree. He sat under the giant tree until he got an answer. After 7 days he got an answer, the answer was enlightment

enlightment=accepting your life will be dukkha(satisfactory)

4 noble truths

  • Everything is dukkha


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