Tourism-Human Geography


Key Words

  • Tourism - any recreational or leisure time activity which involves overnight         abcense from the normal place.
  • Tourists - people who engage in tourism
  • Tertiary - the service sector of the economy
  • Attraction - a place which draws visitors because of intrests
  • Butler model - a model which shows how any tourists resort may grow
  • Mass tourism - large numbers of tourists coming to one destination
  • Eco tourism - eco friendly tourism
  • Sustainibility - development that meets the needs of local people as well as making an enjoyable holiday for tourists.

Reasons for global growth in tourism:

  • Increase in car ownership
  • Increase in leisure time(longer time off work)
  • Greater wealth(larger incomes)
  • Better transport
  • Easier to book online
  • More holiday packages

The Butler Model

This shows how any resort may grow and develop.Image result for the butler model (

The Stages:

Exploration - a small number of tourists visit the area. The area is unspoilt and few tourist facilities exist.

Involvement - local people start to provide some facilities for tourists. There starts to become a recognised tourist season.


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