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increasing tourism

  • tourism- activities of persons identified as visitors
  • because; more disposable income so can afford to go on holiday
  • companies now give paid holiday
  • air travel is cheaper
  • package holidays provide good deals
  • advertisment has improved
  • areas are increasing in popularity because: airports have made it quicker and easier to get there eg australia
  • unusual tourist attractions have been marketing themselves
  • countries have invested in a tourist friendly infrastructure

importance of tourism

  • it provides jobs for the locals helping the local ecnomy to grow
  • increases the income of companies that supply the tourist destination e.g. a farm
  • poorer countries depend on tourism more than richer countries e.g jamaica

tourism in the UK

  • uk is popular because of its historical landmakrs for example saint pauls cathederal and big ben
  • london is famous for the queen and its theatres 
  • lots of people living in exotic places want to experince the countryside
  • there are factors affecting the uk's tourism: terrorism, weatger, exchange rate and major events e.g. olympics

butler model

  • the butler model shows how the number of visitors to an area changes over time
  • 1)exploration- small numbers of visitors attracted by scenery or culture
  • 2)involvement- local people start providing tourist facilities to attract more visitors
  • 3)development-increasing numbers of tourists visit as bigger companies locate in the area
  • 4)consolidation- tourist numbers begin to level off due to it becoming run down
  • 5)stagnation- visitor  numbers have peaked and facilities are no longer good as tourists have had a negative impact on the environment
  • 6)rejuvination or decline- the area can…


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