Total sleep deprivation

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Sleep deprivation = lack of sleep

Peter Tripp
A famous NY DJ in the 1950's. To publicise a charity event he aimed to stay awake for 200 hours.
ST effects - became verbally abusive after 3 days, there was a fall in his body temp, hallucinations and paranoia
He managed 201 hours awake, sleeping for 24 hours non-stop afterwards, mainly in REM.
LT effects - psychological consequences months and years later: personality changes and lost his DJ job
Symptoms may have been severe ebcause he was so closely monitored and had no opportunity to close his eyes at all

Randy Gardner
17 year old student in 1964. He stayed awake for 264 hours (11 days) for a science project. A stanford uni professor (Dement) worlds most famous sleep researcher observed him.
ST effects - Found it easy until the 3rd night and found it especially torturous during 3-7am . To prevent him from nodding off he had encouragement to go and play baseball etc. He suffered from disorganised speech, blurred vision and a small case of paranoia after 11 days
LT effects - Remarkably few problems, after a few nights he reverted back to his normal sleep pattern
He slept for 15 hours after the project , not recovering 25% of the 80-90 hours he missed


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