Topic 9: Email

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An email is an electronic message sent from one computer to another using a communication device such as a computer, telephone, PDA etc

Email facilities

  • Standard outgoing signature and message
  • Group email
  • Using cc and bcc
  • Attatching files
  • Address books
  • Naming email groups and folders

Other facilities

  • Seatch
  • Reply
  • Forward
  • Create a signature

Group email

  • You form a group of people from all the people you send email to
  • You can then send email to a particular group of people
  • This saves lots of time

Using cc and bcc

Cc means carbon copy

  • You list the email addresses of people yoiu want to send a copy of the email to after the cc

Bcc means blind carbon copy

  • This allows you to send copies of emails to others without them being able to see each other's email addresses

Attatching files

  • Files can be sent with an email
  • Useful for sending work from school/college to your home computer
  • Can attach any type to file (e.g. image, word processing document etc.)
  • Files are sometimes compressed before sending

Address book

  • Allows you to create a list of contact details
  • If you want to send an email to someone, you just click on their name and their…


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