Topic 6 - Representations of age

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The media encourage audiences to assume that age stereotypes apply to the whole of that specific age group.


British children are normally represented in a positive way by the media.

The media uses several stereotypes of children:

1.  As victims of horrendous crimes - e.g. James Bulger. White children get more media attention when victims of crime, more than adults and children from other ethnic minorities.

2. As cute - TV adverts using babies e.g. Cow and Gate, Evan.

3. As little devils - found in drama and comedy e.g. Bart Simpson.

4. As brilliant - heroes saving adults lives - e.g. Pride of Britain Awards.

5. As brave little angels - suffering from long term disabilities and terminal diseases.

6. As accessories - media attention of celebrities children e.g. Beckhams, Angeline Jolie.

7. As modern - child maturity.

Heintz-Knowles (2002) - children portrayed as motivated by peer relationships, sports and romance.

Children represented in TV adverts to become active consumers. (' pester power')


There are two broad ways in which the media porteays the youth;

1. Aimed at socially constructing youth in terms of lifestyle and identity -

  • Magazines specifically produced for


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