Topic 6: ICT and learning

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  • Online tutorials
  • Online assesments
  • Virtual learning environments (VLE)

Online tutorials

  • Use ICT for learning
  • Contain content to instruct students
  • Simulations allow students to see what happens in different situations
  • Animations help students understand how things work
  • Self-tests let students know how much they have learnt


  • Flexibilty as to where and when students can learn
  • Students can work at their own pace
  • It does not matter if you get things wrong, the computer will not judge you
  • Materials can be accessed with lots of different devices
  • Keeps students interested and motivated by the variety of activities


  • Students often need the interaction of their classmates in order to learn
  • Can present an opportunity for students to take a break rather than work on the online tutorial
  • It is hard for teachers to gauge progress using some of the packages
  • Lack of flexibility as human teachers can explain things in different ways to help you

Online assessments

  • Exams and tests performed on the computer
  • The computer marks your work and gives you your results


  • The results are obtained immediately
  • You can analyse what you did well on and what you did less well on, so you can target your revision
  • Frees up teacher time as there are no assessments to mark


  • Danger of hackers accessing the system and changing marks
  • Reliance on equipment that may go wrong
  • Only suitable for certain types of assessment as it would be hard to get a computer to mark an essay

Virtual learning environments

Main features

  • Student assessments
  • Allows teachers to add their own content
  • Allows teachers and students to communicate with each other
  • Students can submit work electronically
  • Teachers can mark and return work electronically
  • Teachers can set different homework for each students


  • Students can access the VLE using a number of devices
  • Learning can take place anytime
  • Students can assess themselves at any time
  • Students can do work that is more closely matched to their ability


  • Some software is very expensive
  • There is a danger of hackers altering reports…




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