Topic 5 - Traditional media representations of masculinity

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Tunstall (1987) - the media rarelyfocus on men's marital and domestic roles, or claim that farther's lack of contact with their children leads to social problems.

The masculine myth

Easthope (1990) - while most men cannot hope to achieve such a masculine image, they internalize the notion that men have physical, cultural and emotional power and that is part and parcel of their male identity.

Men and magazines

The 'new man'

1980s saw the emergence of a new breed of glossy magazines aimed at middle-class young men.

These magazines are evidence of a new type of masuclinity - the 'new man'.

The 'meterosexual male'

POSTMODERNISTS - masculinity was responding to the growing economic independence and assertiveness of women.

Mort (1988) - the…


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