Topic 1a

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  • The traditional or conventional nuclear family is compromised of parents and children and is often seen as the only nautral or desirable way to live. The popular image of the family in Britain is described as the 'cereal packet family' by Leech. This image is often promoted in advertising with 'family sized' breakfast cereals, toothpastes and other consumer goods. This popular 'happy family' imagine often gives the impression that most people live in a 'typical family' and that this is the best type. This image suggests families should:

    1.) Be small and compact in structure and be composed of a mother, father and usually 2 or 3 children who are biologically related and share common residence.
    2.) The relationship between adults is heterosexual and based on romantic love. Children are seen as the outcome of that love and procreation is seen as an essential element in the reproduction of society.
    3.) The nuclear family is reinforced by marriage. It is assumed that marriage encourages fiedilty and therefore family stability.
    4.) There is a clear division of labour in these families and women take the majority of the domestic role and men are the main/sole breadwinners.

  • Family ideology refers to the view that a particular type of families and particular living arrangements are put forward as the ideals…


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