Topic 14: Presentation Software

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Most people are familiar with presentation software and its uses. It can be used fo many different functions and not just for creating presentations.

Design templates:

  • Producing your own design for a presentation is quite hard
  • It is easier to use a template
  • Templates provide the design
  • You simply have to enter your own content


  • You can animate the way material goes onto a slide
  • You can also create your own animations and add them to a presentation

Transitions and timings:

  • The movement from one slide to another is called slide transitions

To make the presentation more appealing you can:

- Alter the way the slide appears on the screen

-Alter the speed at which the slide appears

- Get the computer to make a sound when the slide appears

Video and sound:

  • Video and sound can add an extra dimension to a presentation that will make it much more interesting and effective.

Navigation: Hyperlinks and hotspots

  • Navigation allows the user to select which slide they want to view next. A presentation can be interactive in the same way you would use a website
  • Hyperlinks: an icon, graphic or word on a slide, when clicked opens another slide
  • Hotspots: are images that contain links. Several hotspots can be used on a…


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