Topic 9- Mystical E

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Mystical experience

Mysticism is a broad term that has been used to over centuries to describe many different things, from spirirtualism, to revelations and visions, to occultism and magic. Derived from greek word 'muo', means 'to close', or 'to shut'. It was first used by ancient Greeks in connection with their mystery religions. As used today, word 'mystical' refers to something that considered irrational and unscientific. Also referred to as vague speculation; belief without sound basis. 

Mystical experience: human beings direct experience or conciousness of ultimate reality. However, b/c the mysticalE is powerful + has the capacity to provide moral, ethical, intellectual, and emotional direction, it is frequently mistrusted. Sometimes labeled as work of corrupting power (devil), those having mystical E have been ostracized or been the targets of persecution.

Mystical E tend to be Es felt or Ed beyond the realms of ordinary consciousness. Occasionally…


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