topic 5 gender crime and justice

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most crime is committed by men says hedenson such as official statictics show that women are more likey to commit crimes like are property offence unlike men who are more likley to commit crimes like sexual offences.

four in in five convicts are men 40.0b% women had criminal convictions against men

 men are also likley to repet after co9mmiting a crime

official statistics do not give us a true image of women commiting crimes due to the fact many women are let off easily this can be shown through 2 examples and these are that woment crimes are less likely to be reported unlike male crimes for instance property theft is less likely to be reported than violence as well as that there punishments may also be light for instance they may be prosecuted for a crime but they may not go to prison or they will have a ligh punishment  

  •  women are less likley to be convicted of a crime ad this means that offical statistics is not true

the chivalry thesis

  • the chivary theisis is where men are more likley to be more leniant to women
  • this is because they have a protective attitude towards females
  • invalid picture to the officail statistics as an over exaggration of one gender women crimes less likley to go under os
  • graham and bowling self reported crimes suggest that they are leniant
  • 1,721 14-25 year olds they found that offical statistics where higher than men offending
  • aswell as that male self reported crimes were 2.33 unlike os which said 4
  • one seventh of men reported ofended unlike 11% of women
  • women are also more likely to be cautioned than men 49% womne as appose to 30% of men 
  • roger hood did a study of 300 defendants and…


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