Topic 5 - Can we trust E?

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Can we trust our E?

Clear world religions not have evolved if central founders hadn't enjoyed powerful&profound RE.

  • Islam never come into existence if Muhammad pbuh hadn't E direct presence of God revealing message of Quran
  • Christians believe Jesus continual sense that God was present to him strengthened and inspired his mission.

Re--> Authorative. Form ground/basis of each main R. On special individual (Jesus Mohammad Moses pbuh them all) God in profound and unque manner + E related to their first believers and followers. Also came to enjoy powerful E of God. E convinced folowers that:

  • God exists in way decribed by Founder
  • Founder correct in any teachings they presented

RE enjoyed today + as authorative and inspiring as they were to first members of faith:

  • RE can be life changing; profound change in behaviour + beliefs.
  • Offer conviction that beliefs they've held are…


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