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Authenticating RE

Method 13 fold-test (Saint Avila)

Three-fold test devised by Saint Teresa of Avilla.  St. Teresa claimed that a religious experince should be considered authentic provided it

  • Conformed to Church teaching; E is evaluated by relating it to holy scripture Church teaching)
  • If it increases charity and humility; i.e., the experince results in goodness and altruism.
  • If it is met with the approval of a spiritual director; i.e., the experince is approved of someone who is trusted and who poessesses a good knowledge of the scriptural teachings.

Method 2: Richard Swinburne

Rely on reports of religious experience because of two central pincripals.

  • The principle of credulity: This is if someone believes they have experineced something, we should believe them unless we…


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