Topic 3- Mediated and unmediated RE

Mediated and unmediated RE

RE involves some kind of medium through which is transmitted. By 'medium' we mean that the RE seems to be transmitted through another reality. 

  • Nature was, for Wordsworth, the medium, through which he sensed spirit that impels things.
  • The desert seems to have been the medium through which the various solitaries came to enounter the presence of the divine.
  • Some pplmay sense the divine through the medium of a place of worship. For e.g, certain individuals have RE in shri, mosque or temple.
  • May undego RE through the medium of music or art.

Pictures and icons

The orthodox church places great emphasis on Ricons, holy picture of Jesus or the saints ------> as it is believes that pics are 'windows' through which the sacred shines through. Members of that church often pray before icons (believe they gain a vision through them) not…


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