Topic 3 -marxism - Critical crimnology

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  • Traditional marxists argue that capitalism itself is a crime (crimnogenic) an that capitalism causes crime.
  • the proleteriat work for the bourgeouise and make a profit for them. 
  • its not an equal relationship- its criminal. 
  • its only not seen as a crime because all laws are made by the bourgouise on behalf of the bougeoise.
  • Capitalism cause crime bc its a economic system based on competition, selfishness and greed encouraging a dog eat dog survival approach to life.
  • We are socialised into these views from a young age.& is similar to mertons view.
  • the difference is that merton believes that capitalism is the best economy but that it can be made fairer
  • traditional marxists's problem is capitalism and that it need to be replaced with comnunism so crime will not exist.
  • Traditional marxist approach : elemnts of the marxist apprach includes
  • the basis of criminal law: For those who are poor there is little to steal and personal violence is dangerous therefore the ruling class wih to control their right to use violence though their agents whcich includes the police and army- criminal law therfor operates to protect the rich and powerful. -this is how the law operates in the intrests of th rich and powerful.
  • dominant hegemony of the ruling class: The ruling class impose their values through agents such as the education system and the mass media an that dominat valuses are forced onto people so they believe that what they are told and are agreeing too is for their own interests hower they are in the intrests of the ruling class.
  • law enforcement: The marxist view of how laws are enforced by the police is though inteprettion and that it is biased in favour of the ruling class and that the CJS will tend to enforce tthe law on the working class  and not the ruing class.
  • individual motivation: Acording to Bonger 1916 capitalism is based on competition and greed and this was what formed ppls attitude to life . therefore crime is a pretty normal outcome of these values . he also saidf that poor people were driven to crime by their despereate conditions. 
  • crime and control: Accordint to marxists th purppose of these institutions/ agents is to divert attention of the mjority of the pop from understanding the true nature of their situations nd impsoe their values through them. the institutions provide an alternative account of reality justifying the cap system nas the best.
  • Crime supports the ideology…


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