Topic 10 R E of founders

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Jewish Experience

  • root from which christianity and islam sprang and its insights are both of its daughters faith.
  • number of RE occured within jewish faith, both @its beginning and later in course of its dev.
  • insights recorded in the bible.
  • e.g., Abraham presented as a holy person to whom god spoke.Bible tells how God adressed him personally and guided him to land which was home of his people.

The RE of the founders of herbrew nation (later to become the Jews) have conditioned the course of the antions history:

  • Jews see God as personal reality able to act in world and committed to righteousness.
  • conciousness of own identity shaped by experience of founding fathers of nation, for they're told God elected them to be his own chosen people, nation consecrated to holiness.

This has shaped Jewish way of life since, as…


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