Topic 1: Networks


Choosing a network for a company

Factors influencing the choice include:

•Cost •Size of the organisation •How the system will be used •Existing systems •Performance required •Security issues Cost

Can include the cost of the server, cost of cabling as well as the software. This is normally not a problem for larger organisations.

Company size

The company size determines the complexity of the server. Needs to bigger complexity for when the company is bigger

How the system will be used

Affects the scale of the network

Existing systems

The new network has to work with the existing one(s)

Performance required

Will determine the topology needed as well as the type of server needed

Security issues

Includes: explicit material, search parameters, stopping hackers and viruses.       

Types of networks available and the use of associated hardware   

P2P NETWORKS             

With a peer to peer network, each computer has the same status and they are able to communicate with each other on an equal footing. This means that every computer on this type of network can access all the resources of any of the other computers on the network.           


Cost saving                                                                                                    


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