Top 5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in pervasive SEO Trends


Doing SEO for the websites is a lengthy task, especially understanding every day changing Google algorithms. Various changes occur in the field and confuse the marketers about the techniques. There are various techniques that result in a penalty or go useless and a total waste of time. Every best Best ​SEO Company Dubai​ tries to make powerful decisions when it comes to choosing the right SEO strategy. Many marketers still can't get an idea about those changes and waste their time energy with useless or outdated SEO techniques. 

Here is the list of useful techniques that you should avoid this year.

1. Avoid Spammy Guest blogging

You need to be extremely careful about how you execute your guest blogging plan. Guest blogging has been a pillar of content strategists in SEO practices for a long time. There are two techniques one White hat SEO and, the other is Black hat SEO. There are certain strategies to create your content, which make it legitimate in SEO practices.

Putting irrelevant links to the site's theme and Google will crack down themes instantly. 

Google will tighten the penalties on optimized anchors in guest posts. Google will increase the algorithmic importance of Google authorship and authority. 

So, you should avoid the following;

  • Stop using optimized anchors more on that below
  • Don't attempt to rank for long-tail keywords in your guest posts
  • Don't try to attempt to rank for head terms in your guest posts
  • Writing irrelevant and low-quality content for the blog posts

Make sure that your overall content is balanced and has the right amount of keywords in it. Your content features


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