To what extent is the Anavyssos Kouros and improvment on the New York Kouros

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So this is a ten marker essay that I got a 9/10 on.  Hope you find it helpful :).

To what extent is the Anavyssos Kouros an improvment on the New York Kouros?    

In this essay, I will be looking at whether there is an improvement on the Anavyssos Kouros to make it look more realistic compared to the New York Kouros.

On both statues, their legs are both very straight and both their feet are place firmly on the ground.  This shows even weight distribution between the legs.  However when a person is walking this stance is very unnatural due to the fact there is an uneven weight distribution when you walk in which you have to bend your knees and raise parts of your feet off the ground.  The stance of both the statues is an idealistic stance.  It is not natural or realistic.  This shows that the sculptors have developed no new way of carving the legs into a more believible stance.  This shows that there has been no improvement made in this area of either kouros.

However, there has been improvements to the face of the Anavyssos Kouros.  Although both the New York Kouros and the Anavyssos Kouros have the same archaic smile, the sculptor of the Anavyssos Kouros has improved and added to the facial features.  For example, the smile of the…


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