To what extent has the current Conservative Party abandoned its traditional roots.

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has abandoned traditional roots

The party has taken an neoliberal attitude to Thatcherism. This means much greater emphasis on the importance of free markets and a view of society that sees it as made up of individuals who are independent of each other. Abandoning the idea of 'organic society.'

Traditional Cons believe people naturally fall into diff levels of ability and potential, the modern party accepts that every individual has potential and can be totally mobile within society. Traditional Tories saw society as atomised and fluid. 

They believe in a single set of values to which all can subscribe which is seen to be vital for social cohesion. The modern party is torelant of competing values, lifestyles and cultures being more inclusive in its social outlook.

The modern party is less insistent on the maintence of traditional institutions and has come to accept a degree of…


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