To what extent did Cromwell fulfill his aims, 1653-58

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To who extent did Cromwell fulfill his aims, 1653-58?


2 main aims:

  • Heal & settle divisions within the 3 kingdoms - create a settled government
  • Religious/Godly reform

BUT these are hard to do in conjunction with each other

Paragraph 1: Divisions within England

Can't create a Middle Way therefore heal & settle is impossible. it was the extremists that supported him.

Needs to compromise - but not prepared to.

3 kingdoms divided:

  • England divded both politically (Royalists vs Republicans) ad Religiously (Presbyterians vs Independents).
  • Commonswealthmen vs Cromwellians
  • 3 Kingdoms divided between themselves anyway

He inherits these divisions

Paragraph 2: Cromwell's experiments of governments

Governments are short-lived - impatient. Divisions in them - no chance of heal & settle.

Doesn't give them time to enforce things therefore nothing enforced.

Failure of the Rump, Nominated assembly and his own power.

Wants religious toleration but for people to be Puritans - contradicts, can't have both.

Paragraph 3: Cromwell's legitimacy questioned

Only Lord


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