to kill a mockingbird quotes

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"If Atticus drank until he was drunk he would'nt be as hard as some men are at their best"

this shows Atticus as superior to other men in Maycomb County. He is better than them even when he is drunk. This shows the reader that he has morals and that even drinking doesnt change that. It also shows Miss Maudie's views on Atticus. She sees him as above everyone else. Throughout the novel we see the relationship that Atticus has with Miss Maudie and that is emphasised in this quote.

"After he 5 o'clock bath she would appear on her porch and reigns over the street in magestical beauty"

This is about the time when Atticus comes home. She comes out onto the porch to see him. Scout decribes her as beautiful which suggests that the makes herself look nice for when Atticus comes home so that he sees her. The way Scout says that she 'reigns over the street' suggests that she looks powerful as the word 'reign' has connotations of royalty and power.

"Jem was a born hero"

The way this line is on it's own line suggests that Scout as the narrative voice spent a long time thinking about this. It shows how she looks up to him. Even in everyday life when really Jem hasn't been very heroic, Scout stills…


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