To Kill A Mockingbird Character Profile: Scout

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Character Profile: Scout

  • She is the narrator of the novel - we learn about her character through what she recounts about herself and what others say to her. We also learn what life looks like through a child's eyes and perspectives.

Main events in the novel:

  • She starts school for the first time (ch2)
  • She discovers gifts hidden in a tree near the Radley house (ch4)
  • She finds her father outside the Maycombe jail and helps bring to an end a dangerous situation (ch15)
  • She is present at the trial of Tom Robinson (chs 17-21)
  • She attends a Maycombe Missionary Society meeting (ch24)
  • She performs in the Halloween pageant and is attacked on her way home (ch 28-9)


  • 'she discovered that i was literate and looked at me with more than faint distaste' which means Scout's teacher does not approve of Scout's advanced reading skills, but Scout, a bright…


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