To What Extent was Hitler Successful in Preventing Opposition

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Opposition to Nazis:

edelweiss pirates: hated hitler youth ( too uptight)

didnt like the way Nazis interefered with life ( lack of freedom )


lawyers: thought hitler was violating human rights

wanted people to speak out

formed Kreisau Circle


University students: formed white rose group

thought nazis violated human rights

wanted Germans to passively resist

middle class intelectuals: friends had been taken to camps

impossible to oppose and criticise government

thought it was cowardly not to do anything 

attended rallies to passively resist

boycotted parades

didnt join party

children didnt join hitler youth

if it got worse they would leave to go west

Didnt oppose Nazis:


urban workers: thought nazis saved economy

gave them work

didnt want to speak out and lose jobs

bosses also in favour- forced to give donations to Nazi party

carpenter: brought econ recovery to country 

restored traditional values 

strong government 

catholic priest: given rights to freedom and religion and collect church taxes

services were safeguarded + organisations protected

thought government knew best as they were experts

scared freedoms taken away


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