to kill a mockingbird themes

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  • racism was a big issue in 1930s southern america
  • everybody uses racist language
  • the children know no better
  • white community have no respect for black community
  • the black community live next to a tip
  • bob ewells word won against toms even though tom was innocent- peoples prejudices are stronger than evidence


  • Aunt alexandra will not let scout play with walter cunningham because theyre not of the same class
  • dolphus raymond has to pretend to be drunk for people to understand why he likes black people


  • women arent allowed to be in the jury
  • Aunt alexandra is always trying to get scout to be more ladylike
  • Dills parents expect him to be something hes not
  • Scout says to jem "boys dont cook"


  • At the start of the book jem and scout are still quite


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