The Little Stranger - Chapter 4 Notes

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  • 'They ought to take a good look at that scrap-heap they're living in. They're out of date, Doctor. To tell you the truth, I've begun to think this whole bloody county's out of date.'
  • 'The scarring will be frightful, of course. Such a shame; especially for a girl of her class.'
  • 'I thought what a pity it was that I couldn't just slip upstairs for a final look at the girl. I should have much preferred that to guineas or petrol.'
  • 'The gesture was extravagant, but at the same time there seemed something hard about it. I had the uneasy feeling he was buying me off.'
  • 'splitting rain'
  • 'Roderick, with jerky, nervous movements,'
  • 'he looked slender as a ghost'
  • 'Seeley!' she answered, and the scorn in her voice took me by surprise, until I remembered that it was Seely's father who had had the care of her own little girl - the first little girl, who had died.'
  • 'Do you know what that brother-in-law told me last night? Not only are they getting rid of practically all the panelling at Standish, they mean to rip open the entire south wing of the house! They're going to make a sort of cinema for their friends.'
  • 'She'll certainly have a complex now.'
  • 'her cheeks looked dry, and her mouth seemed faintly swollen - as if she had taken a flannel to her face and brutally scrubbed it.'
  • 'Instead they seemed to have turned their backs on it, drawn themselves together, closed ranks... I felt the stirrings of a dislike for them, just as I had on my first visit.'
  • 'horribly disfigured'
  • 'I can't help but feel,[...]somehow responsible.' 'We all feel that,[...]I feel it myself.' 'He looked at me blankly.'
  • 'moving restlessly about'
  • 'She started to turn the rings indecisively on her fingers, so that I wanted to lean across and place my hand on hers.' 'started to turn her rings again'
  • 'such a strange state!' 'He said his head was aching. But he looked frightful - half dressed in his evening clothes, sweating, and trembling like a leaf.'
  • 'He caught hold of my hand, like a schoolboy!'
  • 'And, naturally, I was thinking of how it might look. I was afraid of his appearing, making some sort of scene.'
  • 'the gristly snap of Gyp's jaws, the shriek and liquid moan that followed'
  • 'Rod had been sitting in some odd nervous state in his own room;'
  • 'so unlike himself, so uncertain and subdued.'
  • 'I think he's ashamed. I think - Oh, Dr Faraday, I keep thinking about how he was when he came back here from hospital!'
  • 'His doctor at the time called it a depression. But it seemed more than that to me. He seemed never to sleep. He'd fly into rages, or into sulks. His language was filthy. I hardly knew him. My own son! For months and months he was like that. I had to stop asking people to the house. I was ashamed of him!'
  • 'nervous trouble' 'his over-preoccupation with…


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