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Titration notes

definition:  A Titration is a measured amount of a solution of unknown concentration is added to a known volume of a second solution until the reaction between them...

THE SCIENCE: in a neutralisation reaction, the hydrogen ions, H+ (aq) from the acid combine with the hydroxide ions OH- (aq) from the alkali 

H(+) (aq)   +  OH(-) (aq) = H2o (l) 

PROCESS: using a pipette, accurately measure a volume of alkali (usually 25cm3) is measured into a clean, dry conical flask. add a few drops of indicator (e.g phenolphthalein, which is pink in alkali). The acid is then added to the alkali from a burette. at first you can allow the acid to flow reasonably fast, however as you begin to reach the point of reaction you should almost fully close the tap and slow it to a drip. swirl the flask in a controlled manner to allow the solution to mix. when the reaction occurs, observe


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