Timeline - key statistics/events for WW1

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WW1 timeline of events

·        1839    -     Treaty of Britain to defend Belgian neutrality

·        1884    -     Army Nursing Scheme

·        1889    -     ANS reserves

·        1908    -     ANS more reserves

·        1914    -     August 4th, GB declares war on Germany

-          Women subordinate (domestic, private sphere, biologically different, no voting rights, couldn’t own property, didn’t support country)

-          250000 in professional army, BEF only 80000, Kitchener sets 1 million target (propaganda e.g. John Bull periodical selling 1-2mn copies per edition for ‘vendetta’ mob violence, Daily Mail paper, radio, rallies, censorship of papers, Germans = evil – soap production, Belgian nurse maltreatment, hospitals burned, patients beheaded – and Britain = pastoral, family, women, fun e.g. Pals’ Battalions, underhand tactics – threaten jobs, recruit when drunk and health checks corrupt)

-          700 nurses in ANS

-          August 8th, Defence of the Realm Act (no rail trespassing, no church bells, no bank holidays, no birdwatching, football league cancelled etc.)

-          No Conscription Fellowship Allen & Brockway (support and advise conchies, publish articles of maltreatment. 1500 absolutists sent to prison, tribunals decided either: 336 court-martial/shot, 3300 non-combatant corps e.g. ambulance or cooking, Army Order X handed back to authorities and imprisoned, or 7750 work e.g. roads with Pelham Committee)

-          3300 convictions per week for drunkenness (absenteeism, less dedication, machine danger)

-          August 25th, 100000 men

-          August 23rd Battle of Mons (British retreat 2 weeks guided by ‘Angel’ myth)

-          August 31st, Intoxicating Liquors Act (limit opening hours for ‘midday gap’)

-          September 5th, Battle of the Marne (French counter-attack in response)

-          September 25th, 500000 men

-          September, 9000 spy accusations made but none true (also Steinway pianos destroyed, Daschunds abused, Perrier to Apollinaris, German Shepherds to Alsatians, German measles to Belgian Flush)

-          October 20th, 1st Battle of Ypres (German failure but heavy casualties on both sides)

-          End, 1mn men reached

·        1915    -     April 22nd – May 25th, 2nd Battle of Ypres (Germans


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