Timeline - key statistics/events for Crimean War

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·        1853   -     October 4th, Turkey ‘sick man’ declares war on Russia

-          Russia advancing through near India and Black Sea (wanted unfrozen sea), blocking British route

-          Franco-Prussian disputes over Catholic & Orthodox monks’ privilege to Church of Holy Sepulchrer (within Turkish Empire)

-          November 30th, Turkish fleet destroyed at Sinope (cruelty led to support in GB)

·        1854   -     March 28th, Britain declares war on Russia

-          April, Allies travel to Constantinople

-          June, Troops sail to Crimea (Eupatoria) from Verna (leave supplies for horse/men space)

-          September 14th, Allied troops land in Crimea and start advance to Sevastopol

-          September 20th, Battle of the Alma river

-          October 17th, Seige of Sevastopol begins (thought would take one day but kept rebuilding)



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