timeline of important events


1384-49- black death


1.       Religious

2.       Miasma

3.       Astrology- position of mars Jupiter and Saturn in 1345 made astrologers think something wonderful or terrible about to happen


1.       Popping buboes

2.       Praying

3.       Bleeding, purging

4.       Smell strong smelling herbs like aloe and myrrh (believed to have cleansing properties)

5.       Theracia

6.       Lighting fir/ buring vinegar


1.       Fast & pray

2.       Flaggelation

3.       Pilgrimage

4.       Smell sweet smelling herbs-miasma

5.       Gov attempted quarantine

6.       Keep clean- regimen sanitatis

1440- printing press- Gutenburg german gold smith

     By 1500 loads around Europe

     Took printing out of church’s hands; physicians could criticize galen

     Info spread accurately and quicker

     Less inconsistencies in the same versions of text

     Translations to spread around world

1533-henry VIII break from Rome

1536- Dissolutions of monasteries

     Many hospitals connected to monasteries so ran by church

     Took hospitalisation out of church’s hands

     Reduced numbers of hospitals but re-set up by charities not religious sponsors but took

     Wasn’t until well into 1700s hospitals regained its numbers

1543- De Humani Corporis Fabrica/ On the Fabric of the Human Body & andreas Vesalius

     Proved galen wrong- found around 300 mistakes

     Local magistrate allowed him to dissect bodies of excuted criminals

1628- William Harvey publishes book on the circulation of blood

     Arm experiment

     Tried pumping liquids through veins opposite way-wouldn’t do it

     Proved galen wrong

     Left many questions- liver didn’t digest food and produce blood the what did it do? blood didn’t nourish the body then what nourished us?

1660- Royal society meet in London for first time

     Promote and carry out experiments to further the understanding of scienceheavily promoted sharing of scientific knowledge and encouraged argument iver new theories and ideas

1662- Charles II gave royal society a royal charter

Gave them credibility

Raised profile- more sent work in to be published, people gave more donations

1665- Great plague arrives in Britain


     Miasma-most popular

     Known it could be passed on between people

     Astrology – oct 1664 unusual alignment between Saturn ond Jupiter and on 12th nov between Saturn and mars a comet had been spotted- all signs of bad luck

     Punishment from God- god sent it to clean up kingdom of wickedness




    sweet smelling herbs- carrying a pomander

    gain syphilis- both cause buboes so if you syphilis you wouldn’t get the plague

    public meetings, fairs and large funerals banned

    theaters shut

    streets and alleyways swept clean

    fires burned in streets and had sweet smelling stuf burned in them to drive away miasma

    cats dogs and pigeons killed if seen on street as they believed they help spready disease

    searchers and wardens to seek out infected and take them to pest houses or quarantine with a red cross and


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