Three Case Studies of the Effects of an Earthquake

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Three Case Studies of the Effects of an Earthquake

Kashmir Earthquake


This was caused by the collision of the Indo-Australian plate with the Eurasian plate. The focus was near the western Indian border. However the shock of this 7.6 Richter scaled quake badly affected the Kashmir town in Pakistan on the 8th October.



l  No design planning in place

l  No earthquake proof building

l  Poor communication

l  Few/Badly constructed roads


Primary Effects

l  80000th deaths – mainly from collapsed buildings (as many buildings were built by occupants themselves using low grade mortar and stone masonry)

l  Many infrastructures were destroyed

l  Hundreds of thousands were injured

l  Entire villages/towns destroyed

l  3 million homeless

l  Water pipes and electricity lines broken causing the lack of supplies


Secondary Effects

l  Landslides and collapsed building buried people and blocked access. As roads/water suppliers/ electricity/telephone’s access were blocked

l  Diarrhea and Cholera spread due to the lack of clean water

l  Freezing winter caused many to die with due to hyperthermia and slowing down the rebuilding process


Immediate response

l  Help did not arrive for days/weeks

l  People were rescued by hand due to the lack of equipments and help received from the emergency services

l  Tents/blankets/medical supplies were distributed within a month – but not to all area

l  Many rescue efforts came internationally: Helicopters/dogs/teams were from other countries


Long term responses

l  40,000 were relocated to a new town away from the destroyed Balakot.

l  Government’s money was given to those whose homes have been destroyed to aid the rebuilding process. As the habitants rebuild themselves

l  Training were offered to build more earthquake proof buildings

l  New health centers set up.

The Kobe Earthquake


At 5.46am on the 17th January 1995

This was caused by the Philippine Plates being subducted underneath the Eurasian plate at a destructive boundary, along the Najina Fault line that runs beneath Kobe. Due to the fact that the ‘Focus was only 20 Km beneath the ground, although only lasted 20 second - this 7.2


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