This Room

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This Room -Imtiaz Dharker

This room uses rooms and furniture to make it seem as if they are restricting or imprisoning one self. However, when the change comes, in the form of an earthquake trimmer, its as if the room is breaking away from itself. It represents something in her life changing and her making a decision based on this. The poem acts a metaphor for her life, and the confusion and excitement in it is a metaphor for the actions after something happens that sways your beliefs. 

She presents the concept by describing the bizarre or surreal vision of her room, chairs and other items of furniture being lifted up and "crashing through clouds". She also uses the kitchen crockery to show the crashing together as the noise of a celebration. As well as this,  the line  "no-one is looking for the door?" suggests the conventional way of leaving a room which is no longer necessary because there are so many different ways of leaving the room. 

The first stanza acts as a metaphor for us escaping from the confines of  our own familiar lines. The first three lines "This room is breaking out of itself, cracking through its own walls" represents destruction, and there is deep contrast between the lines "in


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