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Please mind that these notes were produced for my multiple choice exam. If you are taking a written exam you could print these and write around the notes adding your own detail. 



  • CATEGORY- a group of items belonging together which are associated with concepts that apply to those items. 
  • CATEGORISATION- the process of placing items into the mental categories. This process is important in communication as it allows large amounts of info to be shared by referring to a category. There are endless possiblities in this process.
  • EXEMPLAR- an item in a category
  • ATTRIBUTE- a feature or property of a category

Catergorisation faclitates COGNITIVE ECONOMY- to decrease info, we need to learn, percieve, remember and recognise. 


SUBORDINATE LEVEL- most specific but less practical 

BASIC LEVEL- most common and preferred. The level on which our first words are based

SUPERORDINATE LEVEL- extremely specific 


EXPERTISE- moderates the use of category levels

JOHNSON AND MERVIS 1997- in experts the subordinate level becomes the basic level due to increased knowledge in…


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