Theory and Methods - Feminist Theories

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Feminist Theories

Liberal Feminism

  • All human beings should have equal rights.
  • The progress towards equal rights can be achieved through the gradual reform in society.
  • Women can achieve equal gender rights through reform.
  • Liberal feminist work forlaws and policies against sexual discrimination.
  • Liberal feminists also work towards cultural change as traditional prejusdices and stereotypes about gender differences are a barrier to equality.

1. Sex refers to biological differences between males and females.

2. Gender refers to masculine and feminine characteristics.

The two statements above critique FUNCTIONALISM.

Sexist attitudes about gender are culturally construted and transmitted through socialisation.

We must change society's socialisation pattern.

Over time gender equality will become the norm in society.

They see men and women as being able to perfomthe same roles.

This approach is the closest feminist theory that relates toconcencus in society.

(MARXIST + RADICAL FEMINISTS would argue that they fail to understand the underlying causes of women's subordination in society.)

Radical Feminism

It's key concept is patriachy - a society where men dominate women.

  • Patriachy is universal - biological difference leads to dependence.
  • Patriachy is fundamental - basic form of social inequality.
  • All men opress all women - men benefit from patriachy.
  • Patriachal opression is…


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