Theories of population and resources (Case Study)

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Thomas Malthus:

Malthus was an Englis economist. He believed that population increased faster than food supply which would lead to war, famine and death. It could also lead to tensions in society and disease causing a fall in population. 


As population overtakes food supply war, famine and disease increases leading to a fall in population.

Malthus' predictions turned out to be wrong. Food production increased rapidly. The pattern repeated in the 20th century. Living standards and quality of life grew. 

E.G. - Ethiopia 1983 - 1985 400,000 dead from famine which was made worse by war but prompted band aid

Esther Boserup:

Esther Boserup was a Danish economist. She believed that as resources ran out people would invent a solution to the problem. She believed…


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