Theories of the family - Feminism

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  • Varieties (Liberal/Marxist/Radical/Socialist/Black etc.).

  • Sociological perspective that focuses on women’s oppression and ending it.

  • Feminism has a critical view of the family.

  • Feminism is split into four main subsections.

  • Liberal feminism- Campaigns for equal rights, opportunities for women and the ending of discrimination in the work place. Argue that changes in the laws (e.g. Equal Pay Act) and in attitudes (e.g. socialisation) will bring about equality.

  • AO3-Radical & Marxist Feminists say more radical change is needed e.g. overthrowing patriarchy or capitalism to get equality.

  • Marxist feminism- Argue that women perform three main functions which benefit of the capitalism. They reproduce the labour force, absorb male anger (so it’s not taken out on bosses…


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