Theories of romantic relationships: Rusbult's model

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  • Theories of romantic relationships: Rusbult's model:
  • AO1:
  • Rusbult's investment model:
  • Rusbult's investment model further developed SET, so is seen as an extension of SET, suggesting that commitment depends on satisfaction level, comparison with alternatives and investment size. A satisfying relationship is one where the partners are getting more out of the relationship than they expect, given social norms and their previous experiences. 
  • Investment - the resources associated with a romantic which would be lost if the relationship ended. Satisfaction level - the extent to which partners feel the rewards of the romantic relationship exceed the costs. Comparison with alternatives (CLalt) - a judement about whether a relationship with a different partner would reduce costs and increase rewards. 
  • Two types of investment include Intrinsic and extrinsic: Intrinsic - any resources out directly into the relationship (e.g. money, energy and self-disclosure). Extrinsic - investments that previously didn't feature in the relationship (i.e. were external to it) which are not closely associated with it (e.g. a jointly purchased house, children, shared memories). If investments are increasing and satisfaction is high, then the relationship is likely to continue. 
  • High levels of satisfaction (more rewards…


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