Theme of DEATH - Since She Whom I Loved - John Donne


"Poets approach death in fear" In light on this statement, show how poets explore the theme of death.   

In 'Since She Whom I Loved', the speaker expresses grief instead of fear towards his lovers death

Romantic/Religious imagery at beginning suggests acceptance 

  • "since she whom I lov'd" - resigned tone, acceptance 
  • "heavenly things my mind is set." - now that she has died, end stopped 
  • "admiring her my mind did whet/ To seek thee, God;" - only mildly complains, as her death enabled him to love god more... 
  • AO3ii: some critics believe the poem is selfish response to his wife's death, whereas others believe he is simply grief stricken 

  However, repeated water imagery implies ambiguous ideas  - new life or danger

  • "streams so show the head" - demonstrates how her death led him to god
  •  God “hast fed” his “thirst” for love - loving God is not sufficient and has caused him to love his wife more 
  • "holy thirsty dropsy


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