Theme 1- Effective Active Citizenship

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Pressure Group- People who take action to try to influence the government could be local or national about a specific issue. People join because there intrest in something is strong or they feel something needs to change within their community. Types of pressure groups; Promotional/Casual- They want to chnage a public opinion, Open to everyone who believes in it, They want to gain support and strength. The majority campaign for environmental or welfare issures such as; Greenpeace, Shelter, Fair trade, NSPCC and Oxfam

Sectional/Inerest- Represent a particular section of society; eg- teachers. They usually stand to benefit for a result as their campaign. Many of these group are trade unions- To be in a part of these you need to work in a particular trad, For example; British medical association, Royal british legion. 

Insider Pressure- A pressure group the government recognises and consults when forming policies associated with their cause or interest. They are very influential on decision making, They meet with ministers and are huge decision makers.

Campaigning- Actions or events organised by an individual or a group of people to achieve an aim. They do this to attract attention from people, They want people to support their cause and this could be by offering; financial, joining the group and taking part. 

To make a campaign successful: Gaining multimedia attention and keeping the issure alive, Involving a large number of people, Having a good finance situation and being persistant. Peaceful protests are more sucessful than a mark or demonstration as they can get out of hand and cause a riot.

Direct Action- Protest to…


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