Theme of Design Movements/Garden Products


Theme: Design Movements/ Garden Product  

Context: Garden products inspired by the theme of Nature/ Design Movements 

You need to consider the following: 

  •  Images and inspiration from the theme  

  • The type of product you will be making (Existing products)  

  •  Your typical customer (Target Market) 

  • Materials and components that are suitable for your product  

  • Environmental impacts linked to the materials/ manufacturing process/ product use.  

  • Research into the theme and context ( Design Movement and Garden Products) 

  • Create some initial ideas for your garden product.  

  • Fully annotate including materials / detailing/ components/ potential manufacturing points/ financial 

Design Movements: 

  • Art Nouveau 

  • Memphis  

  • Modernism  

  • Post- Modernism  

  • De Stijl 


Target audience:

The target audience is the elderly people, aged 60 and onwards, mainly


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