Them 4 Religious language as non-cognitive and symbolic

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Theme 4; Religious Language

Symbolic Language: Paul Tillich

Tilich believed that verbal/written language couldnt express God in anyway because it is a finite human brain trying to describe an infinite God.

Tillich believed symbols could reveal parts of God in a non literal way.

  • A sign: a non-verbal/non-written communication that expresses information e.g. a traffic light or a road sign  
  • A symbol: a non-verbal/non-written communication that also expresses information but also has a deeper non-literal meaning.

A non religious example of a sign could be something like a national flag. its a representation but it invokes emotion rather than just being read.

Tillich believed signs deal with facts however symbols transcend factual information and express a deeper non-literal meaning.

Religious symbols

Tillich believed symbols are vitally important to christianity and other religions. E.g. A cross is a signifier of jesus death.

Symbols are therefore subtle modes of communication which belong to high-level of religious language

Tillich believed


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