The working memory model

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Baddeley and Hitch contested the unitary nature of the msm model by pointing to the evidence of KF. He pointed to the fact that he was able to transfer information to the LTM but had a very short digit span. This suggested that oly a selective part of the STM was dysfunctional. 

He proved this using a dual task technique in which he gave people a sentence to reason while remembering six digits. He found that both tasks were done fluently, showing the STM has separate stores. 

The working memory model

This was a model of the STM, consisting of

- the central executive which has overall control of the system. Has limited capacity, but can process any time of stimuli. Delegates information to its two slave systems. It can perform more than one process at a time, and works independent of the slaves. 

- the phonological loop ( inner voice ) is limited in capacity and holds verbal information in the form of speech.

- the visuo spatial sketchpad ( inner eye ) has limited capacity and is a temporay storage for visual and spatial information. 

The model was later refined by baddeley in the 1970s which added the phonological store which is linked to the articulatory loop where subvocal repitition occurs. The visual sketchpad also consists of the visual cache which is linked to an inner scribe as a rehearsal mechanism. 

Evidence for the phonological


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