The work of the NAACP

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NAACP - Founded in 1909 by William Dubois and other civil right activists. Wished to united African Americans into one organisation to peacefully campaign for change. Aimed to challenge segregation through the courts. Hoped to secure legal equality for African Americans so they were treated the same as whites. Used protests and boycotts to highlight inequalities. Membership wasn't restricted and many whites joined the party. During WW2, membership heavily increased and they had 450000 members in 1945 which aided their movements.

Tried to get the US government to honour the Fourteenth (citizenship for everyone born in US) and Fifteenth (all male citizens right to vote) Amendments. Tried to reverse the decision the Supreme Court had given in the Plessy vs Ferguson case where they declared segregation legal so long as it was 'separate but equal'. Also wished to force southern states to repeal the Jim Crow laws. Provided funding and lawyers for individuals to bring cases against the authorities. Tried to raise awareness of their cause and appealed to politicians for backing, encourages African Americans to vote and organised and supported protests. There were some who felt their methods were too slow and that they didn't actually work though.

Thurgood Marshall was the NAACPs best laywer and he became…


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