The Woman In Black- Arthur Kipps (young man)

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  • As a young man Arthur Kipps was a sceptic. "I did not believe in ghosts...and whatever stories i had heard of them I had, like most rational, sensible young men, dismissed as nothing more than stories indeed"
  • Kipps is so rooted in the affairs of the material world that he fails to recognise the ghostly nature of the unresponsive "row of pale, solemn children"
  • He is religious- "I bent my head and prayed with a sudden upsurge of concern for the soul of that lonely old woman"
  • He has a eager/boyish enthusiasm for life. "I was barely twenty-three years old, and retained a schoolboys passion for everything to do with railway stations and journeys on steam locomotives"
  • Confident/common sense. "But


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